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Hand Job Phone SexI confess, before I started doing phone sex there were a lot of fetishes that I’d never heard of and probably never would have dreamed of. It’s not like I was naive or innocent, there’s just a lot of crazy stuff out there! I don’t know if it’s possible for a 22 year old to be old fashioned but I just like straight up sucking and fucking and getting each other off. I’ll try anything twice but I always come back to the old standards.

One thing I’ve always loved is stripping and showing off for a guy while I tell him how to jerk his cock. Turns out there is a fancy name for it — guided masturbation. Turns out I’m pretty good at it too, hehe. It’s one of my favorite phone sex activities because nothing is lost over the phone. It feels exactly like it would if we were in the same room when I tell you how to stroke for me. And even though it is your hand stroking, I’m telling you exactly what to do so it’s not like jerking yourself off. Masturbation with a twist!

So have you tried guided masturbation? Have you ever had a sexy girl tease and control you cock while you stroked for her? I would love to be your first and if you’ve done it as many times as I have we should definitely talk. It’ll be a meeting of the minds FOR SURE :)

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Humiliation Phone SexYesterday I sent out a newsflash for all the retarded fuck-ups on my mailing list for humiliation phone sex addicts. I was laughing all day at all the losers who PAY to read a little email about how disgusting and gross they are. I mean, you freaks PAY and PAY for humiliation and abuse LMAO!  Like, WTF is up with that?

Maybe it’s refreshing to have a girl tell the honest truth about how she feels about you. I mean, I know most girls have been taught to be nice and to spare people’s feelings… I must have been off playing hooky with the other BAD GIRLS  because that’s a lesson I never learned. I’m not here to make you feel good. In fact, I couldn’t care LESS about you. When you  losers call for humiliation phone sex and I tell you how stupid and fat and ugly you are I’m just calling it like I see it instead of sugar coating it in some useless attempt to prop up your appropriately fragile ego. Fuck that.

Oh and FUCK YOU too, LMAO! Take your hand off your pathetic little pud for two seconds and pick up the phone, shitbrain. Call me and I’ll tell you what exactly what I think of you. The truth hurts but you deserve it ;)

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Spoiled Fetish Princess MichelleWhen I got into phone sex I knew about cuckolding and I knew that I was going to use weak men to my advantage — taking their money and teasing them about their *ahem* deficits. What I didn’t know at the time is that phone sex is actually the perfect medium for cuckolding.

For one thing, fools like you checking me out in the street rarely find the courage to even lift your heads when I pass. I see you panting and drooling — when I notice you at all. It’s a little easier for you to work up the nerve to pick up the phone and call, apparently, even if you do sound so shy and nervous.

The other reason that cuckolding and phone sex go so well together is that I can take you in my pocket everywhere LOL! But really, having to pay for every minute of attention that I bestow upon you is a perfect reminder for you that you are simply a toy to me. Sure you support my lifestyle and even my boyfriends’ lifestyles but that doesn’t gain you respect. It’s expected, as is your obedience and your devotion.

Call during the day and ask me what I did last night. If you’re lucky you’ll get to hear stories about my escapades with the real men that I date. Call in the evening and ask me what I’m doing and who I’m with. If you’re really lucky you’ll get to hear much more than stories.

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BDSM Mistress Phone Sex I am a beautiful, sensual dominant woman and I love to take control of sissies, cuckolds, foot slaves, and submissive bois. Domination phone sex is my specialty and from the first words you hear me speak you will understand why: I am naturally in control.

My fetish interests are wide and varied but without exception I am running the scene. From bondage to sensation play, from feminization to pony play, I am only interested in obedient slaves who are devoted to serving and worshiping me as the superior Goddess that I am. Are you ready to submit?

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Girlfriend Experience SexI’m a sweet small town girl for flirty GFE phone sex. I’m stuck in this dull wasteland and the only thing that makes life interesting are my internet phone sex flings. I love just hanging out, laughing and having a good time and of course getting dirty on the phone.

Maybe you’re like me and you’re stuck in a boring situation and just need a little excitement. You’ll always look forward to chatting with me. We can talk about our days and what we’d do if we were together. I bet we could have all kinds of fun getting naked and naughty.

I am the girl to call for sweet, sexy girlfriend experience phone sex. I want to get to know you and tell you all about me. And I want to get off with you! No one gives a blowjob like your girlfriend!

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Strap-On Phone Sex Surprise

Strap On Phone SexI love surprises. Sure I like to get surprises but I’m a generous girl and I love to surprise people too. Here’s one of my favorite ways to deal out a shocker — a strap-on surprise!

I love going out to the bar looking all hot and slutty and teasing and flirting with some lucky guy all night, letting him get all worked up thinking he’s going to get lucky and get some pussy. I especially like to do this with those guys who are just using the whole “metrosexual” schtick to continue to live in denial about their homo tendencies. Because when I take him home and surprise him with my big box of toys full of dildos of all shapes and sizes, he’s going to be plenty surprised but not only that, he’ll be plenty excited about bending over for me to take a big cock in his ass.

Lots of guys aren’t really gay but they sure do want to get pegged by a hot woman. Some of them just don’t know it yet LOL. Lots of guys are just curious about how it feels to be the one getting fucked or how a big strap-on will feel stretching that tight asshole open. Strap-on phone sex is one way to get an idea for how it would be to be bent over and fucked. Curious? Try.

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